The Tourism Sciences Society of Korea (TOSOK) supports scholars and researchers who research tourism and hospitality industry. TOSOK was founded in 1972 and is the first and largest society in Korea studying on tourism. TOSOK started publishing the journal, Study on Tourism written in Korean in 1975 and changed to the English title as the Journal of Tourism Sciences (JTS) in 1994. JTS was proudly chosen as one of the 66 representative journals of Korea out of 5,634 journals by the Ministry of Education in 2013. International Journal of Tourism Sciences (IJTS) is another journal published by TOSOK for the purpose of exchange with international scholars and researchers. IJTS accepts papers written in English only. IJTS published the 13th volume in 2013.

TOSOK holds an international conference every year in July. During the conference, many domestic and international researchers present and discuss their researches. TOSOK organizes domestic conferences, seminars, forums, and special lectures every year. TOSOK provides advice and suggestions to local governments, industries, and policy makers in the field of tourism.